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With more agents than houses for sale, how do you stand out?

2020-2021 has been "unprecedented," and another milestone has been passed, with the number of real estate agents surpassing the number of homes nationwide for sale.

This is due to two primary factors: 1) the "hot" market drawing more and more agents, 2) historically low inventory. How will you stand out in a growingly competitive field?

  1. Know your market. You need to be able to speak with authority and clarity when discussing real estate. The good news for the experienced agent is that new agents still receive 0 mandatory, regulated training in how to understand real estate values and trends, so you may have a leg up.

  2. Know how to price. Throwing a number at the wall and seeing if it sticks has always been a recipe for problems (slow closings due to the asset not supporting the contract price, undervalued contracts that lose the seller money, etc). Take some of your continuing education in how to develop a listing price.

  3. Focus on service, not sales. Repeat and referral business is where the career money is. Anyone can sell one house, few can become the preferred agent for an entire family because of their amazing service.

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