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CubiCasa: wrong.

In searching through comparables recently, I ran across a single-level home: 1002 Elm St, Hopewell. This home is a measurement dream - simple angles, lots of places to bounce a laser off of. A good appraiser would make quick work of this... so how did CubiCasa do?

Well, this listing included a CubiCasa sketch AND a pre-listing appraisal sketch.

Appraisal Sketch:

CubiCasa Sketch:

Now, no one can argue that the appraiser's sketch is prettier: it is simple, and gives a basic layout vs the CubiCasa that gives a layout of walls and idea of the "flow" of the home. However, the most important thing about a sketch of a floor plan is the accuracy of the square footage (which so many agents use as their sole determiner of value). So how did CubiCasa do?

CubiCasa: 1,145sf

Appraiser: 1,215sf

CubiCasa's error is 5.76%. This is what I have seen in most cases where agents have reported the living area via these measurement products (I've seen errors of 2-10%, but most consistently an error of around 5%).

If you are serious about pricing your home and providing accurate information, pay an appraiser to measure your home. You and your client will be glad you did.

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