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The 12 Days of Appraisal Christmas

Counting down the days to make your appraiser's "big day!" This one goes out to all the hard-working fee appraisers out there. Do yourself and your family a favor, and take the same number of days off that the bankers are taking off.

Twelve clients who pay customary and reasonable fees.

Eleven fewer revision requests per week.

Ten lenders who will respond in less than 10 days.

Nine VA Appraiser spots to "open up..."

Eight cookie cutter orders.

Seven clients who pay CR fees. Twelve was a pipe dream.

Six good comps on a jumbo loan.

Five private orders.

Four fewer points on my CU score on complex properties.

Three model matches.

Two sales on the same street.

...and an agent who admits the price is too high.

All these years and I've yet to hear, "You're right, the contract was absurd," from the agents in question (outside the deal, plenty of times).

A very happy holiday season to all of the readers of RVA Values!

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