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Zillow misinformation: What adds value?

Zillow continues to miss the plot, and get blinded by big data. In stunning stupidity Zillow claims that steam ovens will add $24,788 in the median american home (Q4 2022 $467,700)... an oven that costs less than $5,000 at the high end. So hey, why not install 5 and just start printing money...RIGHT!?

What Zillow continues to miss is the fact that high-end homes with high-end quality of construction and materials have high-end amenities. The high-end quality of construction and materials add value - the high-end amenities add very little value. Correlation DOES NOT EQUAL causation. Its time of Zillow to go back to Statistics 101.

Maybe this is why Zillow couldn't make a profit buying and selling homes in the strongest housing market in a generation.

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