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The Fan and Museum District

The story over these two areas over the last 50 years is the kind of thing a politician dreams of. From unsafe, murder capital to hip and trendy, is no small feat. The Fan and Museum District, while not the epicenter of these trends, was not immune to them. Today we take a look at the geographical heart of downtown Richmond.

While Richmond City violent crime statistics still outpace the national and state average, the trend is clear over the last 20 years.

Non-REO, Resold home prices have posted a nearly 6% annual increase in value over the last 6 years, and current inventory is at historically low levels.

If this current shortage of homes coming to market continues into the spring, and the general economic recovery continues, there is a high likelihood that home values in this area may increase above that 6% annual baseline of the last 6 years.

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