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Did a bank robber "appraise" your house?

Recently it has become known that a convicted (and yet to be sentenced) 1.2 million dollar bank robber was hired to inspect a property. This "property data collector" is a part of Fannie Mae's desire to eliminate appraisers from the mortgage transaction. Luckily the Veteran's Administration cares about their clients and refuses to engage in this massive fraud that places homeowners in danger.

But is your lender looking out for you?

If your lender uses any of the following appraisal management companies (AMC), its possible that a bank robber will be visiting your house very soon:


Class Valuation

Clear Capital

Mueller Services

Accurate Group

Black Knight's Collateral Analytics LLC

Fannie Mae is only concerned with closing your loan and transferring risk to others as fast as possible. Make sure your home receives an actual appraisal. Demand that a State Licensed, background-checked appraiser visits your home.

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