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America's Racist History... and your pool.

Throughout the South in the early 1960's racism closed public pools, often times, for good. In the era of desegregation, public officials chose to close public pools rather than integrate them, resulting in lower appealing amenities in communities.

Who paid homeowners for this decrease in property values?

This lead to the push for private pools in the suburbs, raising total insurance costs, water/utility costs and causing the trend in the 1990-2000's of filling in those concrete holes.

Now as global climate change increases the heat of the Gulf Coast waters to that of a hot tub, and lawmakers can find no way forward - we must ask the question, "How will we survive in a world that is increasingly uninhabitable? Public pools aren't a long-term solution for the climate disaster authored by Republican policies over the last 50 years... but they may save some lives in population-dense.

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